Brooklyn Biltong


If beef jerky and prosciutto had a baby, that baby would be biltong. No artificial anything, Whole30 approved, zero sugars and made with 100% grass fed beef. 


Who is Brooklyn Biltong?

We're Ben and Em, we believe in being bold in all areas of life. Our company was built on two goals: to bring Biltong to America, and to give back to our city while doing so.


Eat & Feed

We're big fans of blessings. Because Biltong is a fresh, sustainable protein - we give away 10% of our net profits (in the form of actual biltong) to help feed our friends on the street.


What is Biltong?

South Africa's version of beef jerky. Dried slowly with air instead of heat, biltong maintains ridiculous mouth-watering flavor and tenderness. We like to say, if prosciutto and beef jerky had a baby, that baby would be biltong! Instead of drying our meat with heat and adding a bunch of corn syrups, we dry our grass fed beef with air and keep all sugars far away from it. The result is a tasty, moist improvement on the traditional plastic beef jerky you might be used to.



Our biltong is made with 100% grassfed beef, hand crafted in small batches, no artificial anything, and naturally sugar free. Biltong is officially Whole30 approved, and Paleo and Keto friendly! Our beef gets cut into strips and dipped into marinade. It then gets sprinkled with spices and hung to dry for 3-6 days. Strips are taken down and cut into the delicious bites you know and love! Simple as that.



With 15 grams of protein per serving, biltong is great for post workout snacking, hiking trips, road trips, or just stocking your office/home kitchen! Use it in salads, pizzas, breakfast, and even sandwiches. This is the beginning of your new beef jerky journey. Guilt free post workout snacking, high protein on hand all the time and Whole30, Paleo meals ahead. The versatility of biltong will open a new world of munching posibilities with colorfull meals and dishes.


Melissa Urban

"Brooklyn Biltong is a long-time favorite of my family, and a hit with my Whole30 community. It's rich on flavor with a smooth, easy texture."

Whole30 Co-Founder and CEO

Greg Minnaar

"There is no better snack for Athletes. Brooklyn Biltong making it easy for me to get my fix in the US."

South African World Champion mountain bike racer

Max Lugavere

"I'm a fan of beef jerky but always hate how much sugar is added. Brooklyn Biltong solves this by air drying their grass fed beef which preserves the tasty meat flavors."

New York Times best-selling author

These guys love us (& we love them)

Brooklyn Biltong is for me the perfect snack. Tender-delishous and no sugar. So happy I found you guys!

– Paul Lowe EIC of Sweet Paul Magazine

Biltong jerky is one of my favorite snacks- ever! As a power lifter I'm always looking for ways to get more protein into my diet. Biltong makes it easy because it's super tasty...

– BacondAndBiceps

I can't get over the flavor, tenderness, and awesome ingredients of Brooklyn Biltong. I'll never look at jerky the same way again.

– Sophisticated Caveman

The MOST tender and flavorful jerky I've ever had without all the weird additives. Perfect for low carb, keto or even Whole30 lifestyles!

– TheSweatyBetty


Founders, Ben and Em sharing more biltong insight in their own words.