Fathers Day 2014

When you have a good dad you know it. You want to give up your seat, because he does, you want to grow a mustache because he does, you comb your hair straight back Travolta style  because he does.  

When you were little it was easy to impress this man of wonder, to let him know he was making  an impact on your life. He taught you how to walk, talk, and showed you how to eat with a damn spoon so you could be part of society. 

But this easy form of appreciation wears off and dad no longer marvels your every move, and  making airplane noises while eating just becomes awkward for you both.

You worry then how to impress this man, father’s day becomes a feat of ties he will never wear, cufflinks that sit in sock drawers, and ‘worlds best dad’ shirts that become grease rags. 

No more of that nonsense, dear child. Biltong speaks for itself.

We will ship a bag of biltong straight to his door. No more calling to see if he received his Father’s day present, he will be calling you. And you never know, you might just get the approval you haven’t received since you potty trained.

But hurry and order since Father’s day is this Sunday so you’re cutting it close as it is.