Brooklyn Biltong

Storage Instructions

An unopened bag of biltong can last up to 10 months. You can store it in the fridge or cupboard.

Once you open your biltong bag you should take extra care to prevent mold from growing and to keep it fresh tasting.



Mold grows more easily in a dark, damp environment where there is no air circulation. So to combat the mold, you should disrupt that environment.

Transport your biltong from its original bag into Tupperware, ziplock or brown bag. Shuffle it around every few days to let it breath by giving it some airflow and light. This will also improve the taste and freshness of the meat.

You can keep the biltong in the original bag but make sure to shake it around every time you grab more biltong.

The fridge is a safe environment to store your biltong but it also dries out faster in the fridge so we don't highly recommend that. 

Biltong is organic and will keep transforming over time and as the environment changes. Just keep an eye on it. Grabbing some biltong every few days should be enough to keep disrupting the environment that the mold is after. 

Opened biltong can last for up to a month as we have experienced in some cases but use your own judgement as you would with any other organic food. ie. eggs, milk, etc..

If you notice mold, DON'T eat the biltong. In some cases you can wash the mold of with vinegar but again, use your own judgement. We know it's hard to get rid of biltong but in some cases you would have to.

Let us know if you have any questions.