The Simple Truth is Less is More

The Simple Truth is Less is More

 ‘Less is more’ originated during the Bauhaus movement and came to the United States pre-World War II. It was a simpler time, but was intended to mean that taking stuff away, stripping the decorations down has more impact. Who knew that appreciating great meat fed good ol’ US grass and working with the AIP would spark the inspiration to take out all the bells and whistles? That little spark has grown into Naked Meat Flavor – Brooklyn Biltong. Awesome grass fed beef, sea salt, apple cider vinegar… and that is it. Imagine that?


This month is Women’s History Month and we are feeling the March Madness, showing our appreciation for all your support, the stories you share with us and taking the time to say ‘thank you’. If history has taught us anything, it is that we cannot succeed if half of us are held back. Whether you are making a lifestyle change, joining the Whole30 movement or just showing yourself some appreciation; we are so honored that we are any part of that. Thank you for trying us and making this crazy idea, a phenom. We know it keeps you going.


Thank you for putting us on the Best Jerky in the USA list, there are no words. So we are giving you 10% off everything Naked sitewide until the end of March. Roll the credits -

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The Best Beef Jerky | 2023 -#13 according to Don’t Waste Your Money

The USA Love List – honorable mention

What a Jerky!

Just a little cow with a dream that started in Brooklyn.

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