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The Whole30 Thr-urvival Kit Must-have

The Whole30 Thr-urvival Kit Must-have

Forget ‘survive’, thrive and dance through the dreaded Days 10 and 11 of the Whole30 Challenge after the first week of feeling energized and awesome. It is a tough mental milestone when one has yet to start seeing the benefits and whether you started on 1 May, for reasons inside of, or other, you are about to blitz through this with the #1 must have. 

Here in the factory trenches of Brooklyn Biltong, from the grass fed deliciousness splashed and soaked in apple cider vinegar, through the hermetic drying rooms which feel like Florida, to the careful packing of each delicious pouch of health snack happiness, we are all about staying away from the “Sad Diet”. We love the Whole30 Challenge and many of us have cut out unhealthy and inflammatory food groups. But we all start somewhere. Our top tips for surviving are:

Don’t think “diet”, even a happy one, think about eating enough of what your body needs - protein, good fats + super satisfying veg to feel full. And yes, fats are good. Be brave, embrace the avocado, the humble egg and go coconuts. Don’t be overly mean to carbs, the sweet potato is your friend.

We stay so perky because we have the secret weapon though that is tried and tested, not saying we are guinea pigs and no Brooklyn-ites were harmed in the making of this post. No headaches, fatigue, irritability or cravings which peak at Day 2 to 5. So when you are done with yet another handful of nuts, nourish yourself with Brooklyn Naked. Clean protein sources make us feel fuller for longer, they not only help to tide you over between mealtimes, they support muscle recovery and are really the body builders and heavy lifters. 

Check out this handy list above, to focus on fullness, and manage your blood sugar in your hunger habitat. Pure protein snacks (made with grass fed beef) don’t spike your blood sugar so you won’t crash or crave. We all have our cheats protein sources, but nothing does the nutrient nourishment like steak-in-a-bag.


Wishing you the best on your Whole30 Challenge, and your journey to health snack happiness.

<Written Day 10>


What is Whole30?

The Whole30 is a 30-day elimination fad diet that emphasizes whole foods and the elimination of sugar, alcohol, grains, and dairy. The traditional Whole30 also eliminates legumes and soy, while a plant-based version of the Whole30 allows consumption of those food groups.

Is air dried beef Whole30 compliant?

Biltong, Whole30 Ready! Air Dried TenderSlices even more so! Resetting your life with the Whole30? Biltong is the perfect quick and easy protein option. Add it to your eggs in the morning, or as a prep-free protein in your dinner in case the hanger hits.

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