The Brooklyn Biltong Style Safari Platter

We're fine, we're cool, and we might not be in the African bush enjoying this safari platter while straining our eyes in the dusk light looking for lions, but at least we have our biltong and some wine, and on the longest day of the year we plan to stay put and soak up the sun in Brooklyn. Nope, we're not dreaming of game drives and the smell of the earth after the rains.
No,not at all.

The Safari Platter:
1 bag of Brooklyn Biltong
One round of your favorite cheese
Half a jar of Peppadews
Crisp white wine
Not pictured:
Dried Fruit
Gin and Tonics
Beer of choice
The scenario which is also not pictured:
Out of Africa playing on Apple TV, which if we strain our heads to the right while sitting on our fire escape, we can almost see Meryl Streep and Robert Redford staring deeply into one another's eyes. 
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