Brooklyn Biltong

Whole30 Recipes - Peri Peri Biltong Guacamole

Whole30 Recipes - Peri Peri Biltong Guacamole

This #whole30 staple can be eaten as a stand alone party fav, or added to just about anything to make an instant party for your tastebuds! 

Shout out and many thanks to #whole30coach Kelsey Sherman @thepracticalprep  for sharing her yummy recipe with us!

Ready to make it? 

Gather this together:


2 avocados

¼ onion, diced

2 roma tomatoes, diced

2 oz. Peri Peri Chili biltong

1 garlic clove, minced

1 tbsp lime juice

½ tsp salt

½ tsp red pepper flakes

Now do this: 

  1. Mash avocado with a fork to desired consistency.
  2. Add in all other ingredients and stir.
  3. Serve with chips, cut veggies, or more biltong for dipping!