Wedding and dried meat!

This past Saturday, Emily and I tied the knot here in Brooklyn. It was a beautiful ceremony at a firehouse in Williamsburg. Other than getting married, we had a great time with our family and friends, dancing the night away!

Since we decided against getting caterers, we cooked all our food in my hot as the Sahara apartment. The menu ranged from cupcakes to sandwiches. Most naturally, I decided to take this opportunity to share biltong with my fellow New York friends. Knowing this would be some’s first time seeing, never mind eating, our traditional South African food, I had to take it around to them. This proved to be a very fun venture.

As I walked around with a bowl full of dried meat that I made in my biltong box the previous week, I could share with each one “What IS biltong” along with the process of how to make it and our vision to sell it and feed the New York homeless. Once most of them got passed the idea of someone from another country presenting them some meat from a bowl he had been walking around with, they liked the taste, and story!

So in short, if you like biltong and want to share it with those around you, take that extra step in selling it to them. With a little bit of effort, this delicacy will be your next party’s favorite snack amongst the brave!

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