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Cooking with Biltong!

Assuming you have made your way to our general store, bought some delicious Biltong of your own, and eaten one whole bag by itself, you might be looking for more ways to use it!

We've compiled some of our favorite South Africans, favorite ways, to use their favorite food... 

Simply substitute the protein for, or add, some Biltong to each recipe listed. Be it a fistful, two hands full, the whole bag, we're not judging here!

Avocado Pizza with Biltong

In South Africa, you can easily go to the major pizza joints and get a biltong pizza. This is a recent addition to their menus, and I can still remember the first time I tried it. Without any hesitation I ordered one and waited with great expectation. The description on the menu was a biltong, avocado pizza. It tasted great and the avocado was a great companion.

Avocado Biltong Salad

Biltong salads are made with avocado, (again with the avo) as the other major ingredient. Also enjoying it in a salad with a healthy dressing is perfect, since its already a lean protein that will support your figure. (Well, kind of.)

Cornbread Biltong muffins

Cornbread muffins with biltong in them is like enjoying a treasure hunt every morning, waiting for the little bit of biltong in each breaded bite! Enjoying this recipe in the morning along with breakfast will soon become a favorite.