“Little by little, one travels far” - Tolkien

Hello Tribe! We are excited to update you all on our progress with the Brooklyn factory.

We’ve moved into our new space in the old Pfizer building in Brooklyn, and we are loving it! Some of our inspirational neighbors are Brooklyn Soda Works.

Of course part of the ‘fun’ of a Brooklyn outfit is installing everything from electricity to water yourself! Since we signed the paperwork we have been busy outfitting the place with the basic comforts of functionality, and filling it up with our equipment. Having survived buying a refrigerator in a snowstorm, and removing an old brick oven, our timeline is STILL looking good for end of March this year!

We can’t wait to get Biltong back in your hands, and we will continue to post progress snippets as we go. We will definitely be hosting some launch festivities, so stay tuned here and on twitter @BBiltong for details!

Best and cheers!

Ben and Em
The Biltong Team

Sneak Peek of the facility...

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