Adventures in Fatherhood: 2

Man of the Hour: Danny Davidson

33 years old / Separated 

Father of: 

Daniel (6) Delainey (2.5) 

What has been your biggest adventure as a father?

My biggest adventure has been\continues to be, every weekend with the kids in NYC. Through the week we start to plan out what we want to do during our weekends (Museums, Zoos, Parks, etc) and then every Saturday morning we set out from my apartment in Brooklyn with a backpack full of snack, diapers, wipes, and sunscreen and with iphone\ipad full of battery and we head to our destination for the week. Navigating the subways and buses, keeping both children in sight and safe (and not accosting other NYers), carrying strollers and toys up and down subway's all an adventure....and it's the hardest job I'll ever love.... I wouldn't change a single second of it.

What advice would you like to give to fellow dads?

Everywhere you go, and everything you do can be "spending time" with your kids. It is absolutely beautiful how excited kids are about life. This can be easy to take for granted, but some of the most impactful moments I've had with my kids have been during the walks to\from places. I don't want to sound cliche and say "enjoy every second because it goes so fast", yes we all know that. However I will say, take special care to enjoy the time in between the zoo, or the childrens museum, or movie night, or whatever your thing is. One of my favorite stories to help illustrate:

Daniel was about 3 yrs old in the back seat of the car. We were coming home from church and he said "Daddy if cats chases mice, what chases cats" to which I replied "Well lots of times dogs will chase cats, but not always" so he thought about this for a good 10-15sec and said "well if dogs chase cats, then what chases dogs?" and I said "well if they are small dogs, then bigger dogs could chase them, but sometimes cats can even chase dogs, or sometimes wild animals like foxes could chase dogs" again he thought about this for a few seconds (it was clear he was really thinking about it) then he said " So when do we all turn into giants?" (LOL)  To this day I have no idea where his little mind was at when he said that.

Point being, I was looking for parking while we were having that conversation and it was one of my greatest memories with him.

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