Brooklyn Biltong

Celebrate America with dried meat, Biltong in Brooklyn baby

biltong in americaToday is the 4th of July and a big day in America. Most likely you're staying patriotic with you Budweiser and Beef Jerky?

As a South African I love the opportunity this great country provides, as well as the example of resilience and survival it's existence implies. Weather it's jerky or biltong, dried meat is dried meat and it has been there for both our countries and forefathers during hard times. 

We relied on it in some form at the birth of both our nations when we made an attempt to share in the bettering of a land.

Enjoy your biltong, jerky and Budweiser today, realizing the importance it has played in getting us where we are today. Biltong in Brooklyn, now that's something to celebrate!

Today is a time to BBQ and also to Braai.