Real life biltong stories - Jennifer

Would love to share a quick story about a member of our biltong tribe, and how she found a solution through biltong! Thanks again for sharing Jennifer!

"When I found out that I had gestational diabetes (GD), I tried SO very hard to find an array of foods that I could eat that would not pose any harm to our baby girl. After taking a required class by my medical insurance I learned that there were VERY few choices and that I would/may end up just eating a lot of the same things each day.

When it came to jerky I knew that I enjoyed it and that I wanted a quick option to snack on, since I had to "literally" snack 3 times a day [in between meals]. It can be a challenge to snack on eggs or chicken when you are a working mom on the go. So, I went online and just started searching around.

I didn't read a lot of articles per-se, I just basically searched for "sugar free" jerky. In addition to that I also went to various farmers markets and stores and read up on the ingredients. To my surprise I could not find ANY that were sugar free. I think there was one brand that had 3-4 grams of sugar. With the "class rule" being to "read the first four ingredients on any item you pick up and if it says the word sugar or any word close to sugar, such as, glucose, syrup, toss it to the side" that made it very hard to have a lot of snack options.

Then, I stumbled upon Brooklyn Biltong. I read your story and thought I'd try it out. After a few tries I quickly got use to it and thought that it would be an excellent snack option for me during this time. So, here I am.....months later....eating and enjoying Brooklyn Biltong at least once a day during my snack time. 

Given how strict the diet has to be with anyone going through gestational diabetes (or diabetes in general) it truly helps to know that women/moms like me have another option like BB. Thanks for working hard with your husband to make good jerky and for giving us moms out there a chance to snack on something nutritious and tasty!"
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