Whole30 Grass fed Snacks - Sample Pack - 5 x 2oz bags – Brooklyn Biltong

Brooklyn Biltong

2 oz - Sample Pack

2 oz - Sample Pack
2 oz - Sample Pack 2 oz - Sample Pack 2 oz - Sample Pack 2 oz - Sample Pack 2 oz - Sample Pack 2 oz - Sample Pack

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Want to quickly try all five of our flavors? Pick up this sample pack and find the your new favorite Brooklyn Biltong flavor. There's one for every occasion!

Original: Keeping it classic with a South African style favorite featuring coriander, & allspice.

Peri Peri: Toasty hot, this firecracker is teeming with garlic, onion, and Cayenne Pepper.

Steakhouse: Brimming with garlic and spices it’s like having your favorite steakhouse in your pocket!

Lemon Pepper: Zesty lemony freshness with a shot of peppery aftershock.

Naked: Only salt and vinegar. Very natural, taste and perfect meaty flavor.

Enjoy and let us know what you think!

Biltong: the South Africa's version of beef jerky. We like to say, if prosciutto and beef jerky had a baby, that baby would be biltong! Each batch is handcrafted using grass fed beef.

There are zero sugars, no corn syrups, and no artificial preservatives. We are Paleo friendly and officially Whole30 approved.

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