Brooklyn Biltong

Biltong, your new favorite jerky

We are Ben and Em, and we’re bringing Biltong to Brooklyn. We live and love Brooklyn.This city is beautiful, proud and tough. It also has a strong community that is not afraid to give when there is need, and we follow suit! 

Ben: After two of my American friends practically turned into biltong addicts, I realized the potential of biltong in New York and the USA. Fully, or perhaps fooly, aware of the numerous past and current attempts by South Africans to introduce our delicacy to the world, I knew it has not been done right, …yet! 

Emily: Biltong in New York only made sense. Especially in Brooklyn were we live 
and see numerous food connoisseurs play their hands. Biltong is a practical way to do what we love and lend our shoulder to this awesome city! 
Eat and Feed. For every bag of biltong you buy, we give some away to the Brooklyn homeless.