Biltong & Caramel Clusters – Brooklyn Biltong

Brooklyn Biltong

Biltong & Caramel Clusters

It was a very good day for mankind when the first person in history combined a salty and savory flavor with a sweet one. We did the same thing with this Biltong & Caramel Clusters that serves as a base of two delicious treats.


2 oz of Brooklyn Biltong
3.5 oz of Ghirardelli Chocolate
8 oz bag of mixed Nuts ( toasted or raw)
6-10 Soft Caramel Pieces (depending on the size)
3 teaspoons of water
1 bag of microwavable popcorn

1. In a bowl combine loosely chopped mixed nuts , chopped biltong into a bowl.
2. In a microwave-safe bowl, combine the caramels, and  add 3 tsp of water. Microwave, uncovered, on high for 2 minutes stirring every 30 seconds.

3.Next pour melted caramel over nuts a little at a time.  this assures that the nuts are evenly  covered  and  remain clumped and sticky.

4.If you are making the  Brookyln Biltong's Sweet & Salty  Popcorn, take a bag of already  microwaved popcorn. Pour into a large bowl then mix in our caramel and biltong nutty mixture

5.Mix well with a wooden spoon

If you decided to make the  Sweet and Salty Chocolate Glazed clusters, return to step 2.

Take our nutty cluster and drop by tablespoonfuls onto a baking sheet or pan. Using the back of your spoon, make the clusters as flat as possible. Freeze for 15 minutes or until it has set into solid cutters.

Depending on your preferred way of melting chocolate. You can either microwave the chocolate using the same instructions as melting the caramels without the water or use the double boiler method. Which places a glass bowl on a pot of boiling water and allows the steam to melt the chocolate.

Spoon rivers of chocolate on the clusters, just enough to coat the top but not run over. Freeze for 30 minutes.

With Father's Day Coming this is an acceptable manly dessert. Jerky -Nuts -Chocolate= Done. Using parchment,wax or left over caramel wrappers place the chocolate covered clusters inside. Box & Wrap to give away as a gift or snack on one immediately.

We recommend keeping any left over chocolate covered clusters in your freezer for a later treat.