Ignite happiness

Introducing the "Healthy Snack Delight" Movement: Join us in igniting a movement that promotes both health and happiness through inclusive and delicious snack range of snacks.

Let's celebrate the rich heritage and family traditions that inspired Founder Ben van den Heever to create the Brooklyn inspired biltong you enjoy today. At the heart of our movement is the admiration for Oupa Dawie, Ben's lovable grandfather and respected hunter, who crafted some of the best biltong in Pretoria. We aim to honor Oupa Dawie's legacy by continuing his tradition of crafting mouthwatering snacks while adding a healthy twist. 

Our mission focuses on creating a wide variety of snacks that cater to various dietary preferences and requirements. We believe that everyone deserves to experience the joy of indulging in a delicious snack, irrespective of their choices and needs. That's why we offer options that are gluten-free, Whole30, and inclusive for all.
By embracing the "Healthy Snack Delight" Movement, you become part of a community that values not only the flavor and quality of our snacks but also the well-being of our bodies and the planet. We prioritize sourcing responsibly and sustainable ingredients, ensuring that every bite you take supports not only your health but also our environment.
Join us in spreading joy and promoting inclusivity by sharing our snacks with friends, family, and colleagues. Together, let's ignite health snack happiness and make snacking a guilt-free pleasure for everyone.