The Ultimate Guide to Cooking with Biltong

You've just received your pack of biltong and you're wondering what else you can do with it (besides right out of the packet as a snack). Well, look no more - here is an awesome guide to ways you can incorporate biltong in your next

1 – Speaking of pizza, we came up with a mouthwatering recipe using  our biltong pieces along with some favorite toppings – we love feta, spinach, olives, cheese and of course strips of biltong. The biltong adds a surprising crunchy saltiness to the pizza. Top off after cooking with a ripe avocado for a truly uniquely South African style pizza.

 2 – Who doesn’t love avocado toast? Now, add an egg to that. And then, add finely diced biltong. Excellent for a hearty breakfast that will keep you going for hours.

3 - For your next cocktail party, why not make a ‘Safari Platter’. The best thing about a safari (besides spotting the Big 5) is the mid way stop. This is when the Landcover pulls up to a clearing, the guide whips out a folding table and sets up his ‘cocktail hour’ - also known as Sundowners. Out come the beers and the gin and tonics, and then the nuts and biltong. There is nothing like watching the sun set in the African bush, while enjoying a fizzy G&T and snacking on the delightful saltiness of the biltong and the crunch of the nuts. We would go the extra step by adding Peppadews, a rich goat cheese and your cracker of choice.

 4 – Camping is a favorite summer time activity. And along with camping probably comes hiking, so make sure you pack your biltong for a quick protein fix. Or, make your own trail mix combining almonds, cashews, chocolate chips, raisins, dried mango and diced biltong. We'll bet it's all gone within the first mile!

 5 – How about a lovely summer salad of nectarines, jalapeño peppers, cilantro and diced biltong. Mix a little honey into your vinaigrette, pour over and enjoy.

 6 – Think of mixing up textures and flavors in your next salad. Use some vitamin rich watercress, half an avocado, a boiled egg, sliced red onion and shaved biltong and you have the perfect Whole30 approved lunch (pictured above).


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