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Brooklyn Biltong

Combo Packs - Brooklyn Style

Combo Packs - Brooklyn Style

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Pantry stuffers for the Fall - 

Get 1lb combo packs of your favorites 2 packs of 8oz. Yum yum

1 x Original Flavor 8oz for the bold

1 x Peri Peri Flavor 8oz for the fierce

1 x Steakhouse Flavor 8oz for the brave

1 x Lemon Pepper Flavor 8oz for the zest

1 x Naked Flavor 8oz for the k.i.s.s.

16oz of delicious air-dried grass fed slices of beef.   

There are zero sugars, no corn syrups, and no artificial preservatives. We are Paleo friendly and officially Whole30 approved. Guilt free snacking for this summer's adventures.

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