10 best bets for fueling your summer travels

10 best bets for fueling your summer travels

It’s summertime which means that chances are, you’re hopefully heading out for some adventures, travels, or road trips. We know that healthy eating can be tough on the road, but fueling properly can keep you feeling your best, and make the fun last. Here are our top 10 best bets for fueling your summer travels:

1. Biltong - Brooklyn Biltong is high in protein and contains zero sugar which means it’s not going to fill you up, then leave you crashing from a sugar high just a short while after eating it. You might think that dried meat is dried meat, but when you try biltong you will be happily converted to a new understanding of how amazing preserved beef can be. Find it here!

2. Avocado - stop in any grocery store and grab a ripe avocado! This fruit is full of healthy fats that will keep you feeling satiated on grueling hot days. Sprinkle with a little salt and pepper and grab a spoon! No fancy dip to make, no need to complicate it. Pro tip: wrap a bite of avocado with biltong for a mind-blowing snack experience!

3. Nuts - Another easy take along, raw nuts and seeds are great for traveling since they require no refrigeration or special preparation. Be sure to look for nuts that are raw, or roasted in a healthy fat. Many inferior packaged nuts are roasted in unhealthy oils that promote free radicals (which can harm cells.) We love all nuts, but check out pili nuts from Pili Hunters for a nut you may not have tried before! (https://eatpilinuts.com)

4. Dried fruit - While it may be a little higher in sugar than the first three items, dried fruit can be the perfect accompaniment to these other delicious on the go eats. When selecting dried fruit, look for no sugar added varieties, as the sugar added packaged ones can contain more sugar than a candy bar!

5. Plantain Chips - If you’re a snack time traditionalist and love a bag of chips on vacation, try some delicious plantain chips. They’re like potato chips, but a little bit crunchier, and can be found cooked in healthier oils, like coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, or avocado oil. We love Artisan Tropics’ plantain chips. (http://artisantropic.com)

6. Granola - This is a no-brainer, but granola is always a take along on vacations and road trips for easy breakfast or mid-day snacks. We like to find granola made with nuts, seeds, and dried fruit, with little to no sweetener added. This helps fill us up with less of a sugar crash later.  Brands like Wildway, Lark Ellen, and Kitchun make delicious grain-free granola that we’ve tried and love. 

7. Fresh Fruit - This snack can be found anywhere which is why it makes our list! Even gas stations will likely have some fresh fruit options available. If you’re eating a high fat/low carb diet, this won’t be the best option, but if you’re just looking for the least processed foods to take along, count this one in!

8. Nut butter - Nut butter packets are becoming widely available and while we prefer jars (less waste) these are convenient when you’re flying (TSA!) and on hikes when a glass jar would weigh down you pack too much. Look for nut butters with no sugar or no weird oils added. We like Justin’s (unsweetened) and Georgia Grinders (a fellow Whole30 Approved Partner!)

9. Ghee (Clarified Butter) - If you’re a high fat/keto enthusiast, a little packet or jar of ghee will help to fill you up when packing lots of food isn’t an option. Eat it right from the jar, or add it to your coffee to supercharge your day. 

10. Protein bars - this one is a classic for hikes and outdoor adventures, however, protein bars have come a long way in terms of ingredients and nutrition. Look for a protein bar that's lower in sugar, as this will help prevent sugar spikes and drops in energy levels a couple hours later. 

Time to round up your snack pack and hit the road! Adventure awaits...
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