Sugar Free Beef Jerky? Biltong is the answer.

Sugar Free Beef Jerky? Biltong is the answer.

One of the biggest questions we get from time to time is:

"How is it possible for you to make dried beef without sugars and still get a desiring taste?"

And the reason is pretty simple. The confusion comes from the comparison with beef jerky. In general, meat, like a steak tastes amazing. We can all agree on that.

So shouldn't dried beef by itself also taste good?

Yes it should! But again, it's the beef jerky confusion. Because beef jerky is dried by heat, the texture of the meat changes. The juices are cooked away. The tenderness is turned into cardboard by the heat. So to make up for this loss of the natural appealing meat taste, sugars and corn syrups have to be added.

And in a nutshell that is why biltong does not need sugars or sweet additives to still have a delicious taste.

The drying process does not involve heat. It only involves natural air over a much longer period than it takes to make beef jerky. That way the meat stay more tender, more natural and the flavors and juices don't disappear.

We take up to 10 days to 'age' our grass fed beef. After that, it is cured and ready to eat. Dried beef in its purest form. Pretty simple if you think about it. Grab some of our biltong today for your sugar free, low carb diet and let us know what you think.

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